Hello & welcome to my first ever blog.

I wanted to take to take the time to write this blog to formerly introduce myself my name is Natasha I was born in Nairobi, Kenya, but raised all over the world due to my mothers career.

I got into wedding planning as i really enjoyed planning my own. At the time my husband and decided to get married in Paris, France, we planned everything while still living in England, loads of frequent travel between two countries.

I found it really enjoyable sourcing the venue, looking for suppliers, food tasting, colour scheming, arguing with family how many people are invited(trust me they were not happy when said only 150).All of if was worth it to have the day we both wanted. This brought me so much happiness having the dream wedding I wanted. Doing this made me want to make brides and grooms dreams to come true on their wedding day. This is way i became a wedding planner.